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Scaling – oral hygiene treatments

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Even the most thorough and meticulous brushing only cleans about 85% of the teeth surface. Over time, the unremoved plaque left on the teeth turns into tartar by binding calcium and magnesium salts from saliva, after which it cannot be removed with a simple toothbrush. This tartar, which is often invisible to us, can be removed by a dental hygienist during a professional cleaning and scaling treatment.
Plaque can be kept away with proper oral hygiene and the use of interdental cleaning tools, but tartar that has already formed can only be removed with dental instruments.
If you regularly book a scaling appointment, you have already done a lot for your dental health.


During a professional oral hygiene treatment, your dental hygienist will first clean your teeth completely of plaque and tartar, then explain in detail and teach you how to keep your teeth clean during your daily routine.

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Because the bacteria in plaque and tartar have two harmful effects: they cause cavities, and they can lead to inflammation in the gums.

Healthy gums are pink, do not bleed, and cover the interdental spaces. Bleeding gums are the first sign of gingivitis. Gums can start bleeding during brushing, or when they are impacted by strong mechanical forces during chewing. 

Inflammation of the gums, while initially painless, can spread to the entire periodontium and lead to periodontal disease, which can cause the loosening and loss of teeth after a few years. If periodontal treatment is needed, a complete mouth cleaning (i.e., a professional oral hygiene treatment) is only the first step in the therapy sequence, as healthy, inflammation-free gums are the prerequisite for further dental work. 

The treatment is performed by our qualified oral hygienists, it takes approximately one hour, and consists of two parts. First, your teeth are cleaned of any deposits that have formed on them. This involves using an ultrasonic scaler instrument (also called a depurator) or, if necessary, manual tools to remove tartar from underneath the gums. This is followed by removal of any discoloration with a sandblaster, and then polishing the teeth.
As a second step in your oral hygiene treatment, our oral hygienists will introduce you to the special oral care tools you can use at home, and the proper way to use them. They will teach you how to brush and floss correctly and provide you with personalized dental care advice.
Of the many factors which influence the amount of plaque building up on your teeth, you can only control your own dental care. Therefore, it is most important that you clean your teeth thoroughly and regularly, the way our oral hygienist teach you, to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. With good oral hygiene and regular check-ups, you can keep your teeth clean and healthy for a long time and enjoy your life with a wide smile.

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Our dental hygienists who carry out oral hygiene treatment

Baranyai Bernadett
Dentálhigiénikus, Fogászati asszisztens
Ivanov Krisztinka Jordanka
fogászati asszisztens, dentálhigiénikus
Lipták Renáta
fogászati asszisztens, dentálhigiénikus
Rege Andrea
fogászati asszisztens, dentálhigiénikus


We believe in the importance of patient information, as giving accurate instructions to follow can make a big difference to the outcome of a procedure.
You can read and download our patient information leaflet here, which will hopefully be helpful.

Patient information leaflets

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Professional oral hygiene package prices

  • Komplex

  • 33 000 Ft

  • 45 perc
  • 2. alkalom

  • 30 000 Ft

  • 45 perc
  • Fenntartó

  • 30 000 Ft

  • 45 perc
  • Polírozás

  • 25 000 Ft