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Fogszabályozás - Orthodontics - SoulDental

Even as an adult, you’re not too late if you want to have perfectly straight teeth! We understand of course that everybody can have concerns about orthodontics. Isn’t it more painful at this age? What will it look like on me? Isn’t it embarrassing for an adult to wear braces? 

Adult orthodontic therapy today is a common, gentle dental procedure utilizing a wide range of tools and equipment which help us align teeth into the right position.


Orthodontic treatment is most often considered in cases where teeth are irregular or overcrowded inside the mouth, or where the gaps between the teeth are too wide.
However, health reasons can be just as important as aesthetic reasons – for example, pain in the mandibular joint can also necessitate orthodontic treatment. If the upper and lower rows of teeth do not close properly, or if the contact between the teeth (the bite) is not adequate, orthodontic therapy may also be necessary. If the upper and lower teeth do not have a healthy, functional contact alignment, you may experience clenching, grinding, chipping, shifting teeth and jaw pain. 

Orthodontic treatment is the best solution to achieve an optimal fit between the teeth. We can eliminate the irregular forces presenting during chewing which affect the upper or lower row of teeth, and the temporomandibular joint can be relieved from overload.
In many cases, this is the only way to provide patients with the right restoration or filling. It is important to know that restorations will not last as long in patients who have a misaligned bite – and in the long run, they can encounter TMJ issues and changes.
One of the possible solutions to these problems is orthodontic therapy, which can help you achieve the best possible alignment between individual and rows of teeth. We can eliminate the irregular forces presenting during chewing which affect the upper or lower row of teeth, and the temporomandibular joint can be relieved from overload.
Our long-term aim is to give you a beautiful smile, a straight row of teeth, and restore your bite to the best possible function. 

Existing bite problems and other indications can often be noted during a simple dental examination, but the real necessity of orthodontics is more often discovered when a tooth is replaced. Whatever the irregularity, if you want a lasting, high-quality solution for restorations and a healthy dentition, it’s always best to correct the alignment of teeth by orthodontic treatment.


When thinking about orthodontic treatment, many people still have a picture of old, painful and lengthy therapies involving fully metal contraptions. This has changed completely through the years! It is true that we offer different options when it comes to choosing the right orthodontic appliances for children or for adults.

In pediatric dentistry, we can use appliances called “trainers” in the beginning phase. In the case of adults (since the jaws have stopped growing, and they only have permanent teeth) we usually use fixed, i.e. “bonded” appliances, although removable and even invisible appliances also exist.
The appliances available at our dental practice all aim to meet the highest aesthetic standards. 


During the first consultation, we carry out a complete health assessment and screening of the oral cavity, which helps us assess the general condition of your teeth. Following this, we give you detailed information about the possible therapy options, orthodontic appliances, the expected duration of the treatment, and answer any questions you may have. 

Diagnostic examinations
Once you have made a decision, we carry out any necessary tests to plan your orthodontic treatment.  We make photos of the starting state, followed by digital x-rays and impressions.

Setting up the plan
After this, we set up a customized therapy plan in writing based on the diagnostic results. This allows you to plan ahead, knowing the costs beforehand, and to schedule your visits which are needed for adjustments and check-ups.

Mounting the appliance – or handing over removable appliances
After the appliances are mounted on your teeth, we show you how to use and clean them. We also give you advice on oral hygiene.

Regular check-ups
After the start of treatment you will regularly need to visit your dentist for reactivations – depending on the type, this can vary between every 2-12 weeks.
The changes caused by orthodontic appliances can be supported by smaller interventions performed by your dentist. 


Adult orthodontic therapies takes a longer time, considering the connective tissue and joints are stiffer, therefore they require more patience.
In the case of fixed appliances, you should allow 1.5 to 2 years for the treatment.
For removable appliances – since this process is more complex, and depends more on the individual’s speed of development – you can expect 2-4 years of therapy,  which will be followed by 1.5-2 years of fixed orthodontic braces in most cases.
Orthodontic therapy however does not simply end after the desired results are achieved. 
A fogszabályozás azonban nem akkor ér véget, mikor a kívánt eredményeket elértük. 


The aftercare period begins at this point, which is just as important as the active treatment.

During the aftercare period we usually help stabilize the teeth by providing a removable nightly appliance or a small arch bonded to the teeth. The duration of this period always depends on the extent of the initial problem solved by orthodontics. It usually takes 1 to 3 years, but especially for adults, after solving a more significant issue, you might need to expect having to wear an appliance at least once a week for as long as a lifetime, as maintenance therapy.


A felnőttkori fogszabályozás indikációja

A felnőttkori fogszabályozás menete és időtartama

Mikor célszerű elkezdeni a fogszabályozó kezelést?

Mi történik a fogszabályozó kezelést követően?

During orthodontic treatment, the patient and their dentist need to stay in close cooperation to achieve the best possible result with the fewest possible side effects. 

Oral hygiene should be considered a priority during the whole course of the orthodontic treatment. In addition to brushing three times a day, patients also need to use a special toothbrush, interdental brushes and dental floss. This has to be complemented with occasional oral hygiene treatments at the clinic.

SoulDental Fogászat - SoulDental Dentistry

We believe in the importance of patient information, as giving accurate instructions to follow can make a big difference to the outcome of a procedure. You can read and download our patient information leaflet here, which will hopefully be helpful.



We always need a personal consultation with our orthodontist at the clinic first to be able to determine what type of appliance you need, how long the treatment is likely to take and what results you can expect.

Dr. Dóra Tausz is happy to welcome all children and adults, with a professional history of several years in the field of orthodontics. SoulDental is waiting for you with a wide range of state-of-the-art orthodontic appliances! Whether removable or bonded appliances – or invisible braces, already available at our clinic.


Dr. Dóra Tausz


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