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Oral surgery

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Oral surgery concerns itself with minor and major surgical procedures that require specialized expertise and appropriate qualifications. Many of these provide complete solution to an issue, but they are often considered complementary therapies needed for the successful treatment of other dental problems.

Patients are often afraid of even simple dental treatments, but oral surgery sounds particularly intimidating for many. Thanks to modern dental technologies and to our experienced surgeons, tooth extractions and even major oral surgical interventions are now carried out completely without pain.

Although it’s not what people generally hope for when they cross the threshold of a dental clinic, such interventions are sometimes necessary. In many cases, the necessity of oral surgery is only discovered during the diagnosis of a dental problem. It is sometimes required during the process of orthodontic therapy. In other cases, patients seek help with the need for a labial frenectomy on the advice of a speech and language therapists.

Whether it’s a simple tooth extraction or surgical removal of a tooth, extraction of wisdom teeth, periodontal surgery, dental implants or gingivoplasty, we can offer a solution to any problem on-site with our state-of-the-art technology and expertise. We perform bone grafting, maxillary sinus lift, as well as oral soft tissue and laser surgery interventions.


Oral surgery for children

Even children need oral surgical treatments sometimes. Smaller tooth extractions are carried out at our pediatric dentistry – “DentalKópé – The Fairytale Dentist”, but more serious procedures are performed by an experienced oral surgeon in our adult dental practice. These procedures include: Treatment of broken teeth, surgical removal and labial frenectomy. 


Our dental clinic disposes of a modern equipment park, surgical laser technology and an extensive diagnostic background. /2D and 3D Radiograph/
As an innovative clinic, we are open to the newest surgical technologies, often using digital computer-assisted surgical navigation during implantation procedures.



Many patients arrive fearful or anxious to the first consultation appointment, but in most cases, this is completely overcome by the trust that is built up between doctor and patient.
With our modern oral surgery clinic and equipment, SoulDental‘s oral surgeons and dentists can guarantee completely painless and professional procedures.
Patients receive a detailed description of the interventions and any risks involved, and surgery is performed only with their written consent.
Downloadable materials are available on our website to help patients get acquainted with the surgical procedures, and to know what to do before and after surgery.
Let us take a closer look at the different types of oral surgery our clinic offers.


Dental implants

Bone grafting – bone augmentation surgery

Maxillary sinus lift

Periodontal surgery

Removal of wisdom teeth

Tooth extraction

SoulDental welcomes its patients in an exclusive environment, with modern equipment and diagnostic background. Our oral surgeons will do their utmost to provide you with therapy that meet all your needs.

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