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Dr. Lilla Réka Toró

periodontics resident dentist

“As a young dentist, I feel lucky to be part of the SoulDental team. My goal is to help my patients with the highest quality care possible, painlessly.”

She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Szeged. She was already an enthusiastic member of the dental team in her final year of university, providing assistance in the treatment of patients, expanding her studies further.

She is currently a periodontics resident in our practice. Her areas of professional interest include gum and periodontal diseases, microsurgical procedures and the creation of the “red and white” aesthetic. She wants to use her knowledge for the benefit of her patients, while raising awareness about the importance of prevention.

Sport has been an important part of her life since childhood. Throughout her university years, her life in competition sports gave her perseverance, humility and precision.
She speaks English well, and has a basic conversational level in German.

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