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Dr. Dóra Tausz


“It’s a great feeling to have the chance to find ways within my own field of expertise in order for my patients to achieve the results they want!”

Dr. Tausz graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Semmelweis University of Medicine in Budapest.
In 1996, she passed her medical qualifying examination in the field “dental and oral diseases” and in 2000, also in the field of orthodontics. She gathered her first professional experience at the Orthodontics department of the Heim Pál Hospital and at the Orthodontic clinic of the Rókus Hospital.
She is a long-standing member of the team of SoulDental, formerly DentalCoop, as she started working with us in 2003.

She specializes in orthodontics. She regularly attends national and international professional trainings and lectures. She enjoys the challenge of treating complex dental abnormalities. She provides a high standard of care both for children and for adults. Utilizing a variety of different techniques, including invisible appliances, she can treat a wide range of bite problems and malocclusions.

He speaks English and German.