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Dr. Balázs Schatz

specialist in conservative dentistry and prosthodontics, aesthetics specialist

“My friendly, calm nature often comforts scared patients as soon as they sit in my chair. I strive for a perfect aesthetic result, because restoring their confidence will also improve my patients' quality of life.”

Dr. Schatz graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Semmelweis University of Medicine in Budapest, went on to earn”with a degree in General Medicine as well.

He passed his medical qualifying examination in the field “dental and oral diseases” in 1999. He became a specialist in conservative dentistry and prosthodontics in 2011. He has been the co-owner and medical director of DentalCoop, now SoulDental since 2002.

His area of expertise is the preparation of restorations mounted onto various implants or on the patient’s own teeth.  His specialty is the design of all-ceramic crowns and bridges which fit the original tooth structure perfectly. He has a long experience in the field of ceramic restorations. He has been using the internationally renowned “Procera” zirconia ceramic system in his practice since 2005, working in close cooperation with the excellent dental laboratory operating in our building.

He enjoys the challenge of designing and creating harmonious smiles which suit the patient’s facial characteristics best using various techniques.

He speaks English and Portuguese.

Dr. Balázs Schatz, who is a specialist in prosthodontics and conservative dentistry, has also received a general medical degree. What he likes about his work is not only that it gives a feeling of success and that patients leave the practice satisfied, happy and smiling, but also that even the most fearful patients come to the treatments more and more confident and relaxed. As a dentist, he considers it important to ease the fears of patients sitting in his dental chair about dental interventions, and he tries to do everything in his power to make it disappear.

specialist in conservative dentistry and prosthodontics, aesthetics specialist