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Dental treatments

Fogászati kezelések - dental treatments


There is a wide variety of dental therapies available depending on whether you visit your dentist for help with pain, an acute problem or for regular check-ups. Clients can have many different issues, which often require a complex process in the treatment. The longer you postpone the visit, the more difficult and complicated treatment you may require, and of course, the more invasive interventions might be needed.

Regular dental visits are essential to keep your teeth healthy. If you fall into the group of people who put off dental treatment, we strongly recommend you make a change, it’s never too late! Overcoming ourselves, pushing our limits and pushing ourselves beyond our limits takes great courage, but there is always a reward!





During the first visit, we discuss your complaints, and examine the oral cavity, teeth and gums. It is also important to discuss your individual needs and objectives regarding visual aesthetics and dental functions. It is paramount that you can express your wishes and goals during the first visit, i.e. what kind of result you would like to achieve.


A wide range of diagnostic imaging services and state-of-the-art dental instruments  are available at our Clinic for the determination of root causes and the possible solutions. Our diagnostic park – digital X-ray, panoramic X-ray, 3D CBCT, laser cavity detector, vitality test – assist in setting up a diagnosis. Dental X-rays can help detect inflammatory processes deep inside the bone, discover dental foci, periodontal bone loss, or explore the position of unerupted teeth. In some cases, certain anatomical structures require closer examination by a 3D CBCT scan, which is also available at our dental clinic.

The use of such technologies allows for an accurate diagnosis, so your treatment plan can be built on a solid basis.

Read more about our diagnostic tools here.


Once the diagnosis is made, the required dental treatment and services are selected. The choice of services can be determined based on the time and money available. Of course, the objective of any dental treatment is to solve a problem, but there is a variety of different procedures, with different durations and standards of materials used.

The wide range of services offered in our clinic and the specialized knowledge of our experts mean that you can receive treatment from the dentist with the highest level of expertise and experience in your issues. The treatment plan is often carried out with the combined cooperation of several specialist areas. This guarantees professional and premium quality care for your problems.
Such specialties include root canal treatment, smile design, periodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery.
We place great emphasis on teamwork and continuous professional consultation during the treatment, starting at the planning phase.


During the course of the treatment – which is carried out with the highest degree of specialist expertise and in the spirit and framework of professional cooperation between colleagues – we also pay great attention to making it stress-free and painless for our patients. We also try to alleviate any anxieties that clients may have in regard to dental treatment. Not only does this make the patient feel more at ease, but it also has a positive effect on the speed and efficiency of the treatment.


The dental treatment doesn’t end after a filling is done or a bridge is placed. It must be continuously followed by regular check-ups, to help preserve the achieved results.
It is advised to continue paying close attention to dental controls and regular oral hygiene treatments and scaling (tartar removal). This is the only way to guarantee a long-lasting result: a healthy and beautiful smile needs to be constantly cared for!

SoulDental welcomes its patients in an exclusive environment, with state-of-the-art dental equipment. Our dentists, lab technicians and dental assistants will do everything to provide you with a therapy of the highest standards, whether you visit our clinic with aesthetic wishes, prosthetic needs or for oral surgery.


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