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Aesthetic tooth restorations – smile design

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The concept of smile design aims to restore patient’s frontal teeth in a way that best suits their personality and face. We can create an individual smile that appears natural while it is still perfectly organized, which harmonizes well with the person’s face, lips and teeth. Restorations based on smile design require dentists and dental technicians to understand not only the aesthetic requirements of the face and the dentition, but also artistic sophistication, attention to detail, appropriate planning and extremely precise execution.

Smile design doesn’t simply aim to restore the visual aesthetics. It is just as important to correct any functional defects and bite problems with the result, and this requires precise planning as well.

With proper planning, we can ensure that the restorations we create also bring back the healthy chewing ability, this way we can provide our patients with restorations that are not only beautiful, but also functionally stable and will work flawlessly for many years.


Not only the color, but the shape of your teeth can be improved, especially if there are small imperfections in the tooth material – such as white stains or enamel losses. Porcelain (ceramic) veneers offer an excellent solution for such problems as well. A thin, 0.5-1 mm layer is placed onto the surface of the teeth, which can improve their visual appearance, and requires only minimal intervention.


SoulDental dental clinic has the special advantage of being seated in the same building as our dental technical laboratory. The biggest advantage of this is that during the fabrication of aesthetic restorations for patients, the dental technician can check the color and unique characteristics of the remaining teeth with their own eyes, and create deceptively lifelike crowns, veneers and bridges based on this visual assessment. A so-called “bisque try-in” is always carried out in the restoration process, during which we check the color and shape of the semi-finished restoration with the patient to ensure a perfect result.


Dr. Schatz Balázs
orvosigazgató, konzerváló fogászat és fogpótlástan szakorvos, esztétikai specialista
Dr. Kende Dóra
Konzerváló fogászat és fogpótlástan szakorvos, gyökérkezelő specialista
Dr. Németh Dániel
konzerváló fogászat és fogpótlástan szakorvos, parodontológus rezidens
Dr. Masa Roland
konzerváló fogászat és fogpótlástan szakorvos


  • Porcelán leplezésű korona

  • 135 000 Ft

  • Procera fémmentes korona

  • 185 000 Ft

  • Porcelán héj / jacket korona

  • 160 000 Ft


We believe in the importance of patient information, as giving accurate instructions to follow can make a big difference to the outcome of a procedure.

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